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The Most Popular Dog Names Around the World

Dogs have always proved to be human’s best companions in every situation. Whether it’s about guarding your home or accompanying you in the hunting field, they will always help you with their distinct qualities. The qualities of a dog vary from breed to breed. However, some qualities are common in every breed.

So, the most common quality of a dog is its loyalty, irrespective of the breed. No matter the situation, your furry friend will always prove loyalty to you. That is why dogs have made a special place in our hearts.

However, here comes another interesting thing about dogs. Just like their unique varying qualities, there is another thing that you will find interesting about their names. Their names are as sweet and catchy as their lovely personalities.

In this article, we will have a quick rundown on some of the most popular dog names worldwide, which justifies their personality.

Dog Names in Asia: A Cultural Symphony


Asia is a land of cultural diversity where you can find about the coexistence of tradition and modernity. Various things show the unique and colorful culture of Asians, and dog names are one of them. Here are the most popular dog names from some of the prominent countries of Asia.

  • Japanese Dog Names

In Japan, some common dog names are, “Yuki” which means good fortune, “Taro” a word which is used for the eldest son in Japanese households, and “Taki” which is another word for waterfall. These names and their meanings show a deep connection between dogs and Japanese culture. Here is a list of some other Japanese dog names.

  • Hoshi (star)
  • Umi (sea or ocean)
  • Bonsai (the bonsai tree)
  • Nami (wave)
  • Rina (jasmine)
  • Yoshi (good luck, good, righteous)
  • Akira (intelligent)
  • Jazu (jazz music)
  • Kiseki (miracle)
  • Kigali (reason for being)
  • South Korean Dog Names


On the other hand, if we look for dog names in South Korea, we can see clear proof that changing regions does not influence people’s love of dogs. South Korean culture also shows a great love for dogs by giving them some really meaningful names. Here is the list of dog names that are popular in South Korea.

  • Bade: (Ocean)
  • Bae: (Inspiration)
  • Baek-hyeon: (Older brother)
  • Bo-gyeong: (Father)
  • Cho: (Handsome)
  • A-jun: (Beautiful)
  • Jin: (Jewel)
  • Jinji: (Valuable)
  • Jintae: (Gold)
  • Jong-Seok: (Great)
  • Indian Dog Names


India is an extremely culturally diverse country, with unique traditions and 780 different languages. Interestingly, there are countless adorable dog names in every language spoken there. So, if you are an Indian then naming your dog in Indian local languages will help you to show your ultimate love for your background.  Let’s have a look at some beautiful dog names in India.

  • Adil (sincere)
  • Akash (the sky)
  • Amir (rich)
  • Amiya (delight)
  • Arjun (white)
  • Asha (hope/desire)
  • Bala (young girl)
  • Baloo (bear from The Jungle Book)
  • Raja (king)
  • Rohit (red)

If you are a Punjabi and wish to name your furry friend in your own language, you can visit WeLoveDoodles for some adorable Punjabi dog names.

Europe: Elegance and eccentricity


Nobody can forget about Europe when talking about dogs. This is due to the fact that some of the oldest dog breeds originated in Europe. Indeed, European dog breeds are well-known for their high levels of energy and athleticism. Europe, on the other hand, is a land of elegance. Because of their great history, love of dogs, and elegance, they name their canine companions with the most beautiful as well as suitable names. Here is a list of some elegant and popular European dog names.

  • Frau (Mrs. in German)
  • Fraulein (Miss in German)
  • Herr (German for mister)
  • Deutsche (The word for German in that language)
  • Liebling (Translating to “darling,” Liebling is a term of endearment)
  • Lyon (Lyon is a populous city in east-central France)
  • Versailles (As in the Palace of Versailles, a royal château in Versailles)
  • Pequeno (Little” in Spanish, a great name for little dogs)
  • Rojo (Red” in Spanish, perfect for a red dog)

Africa: A Cultural Tapestry


Africans also possess a rich history of dogs, and their love of dogs is unmatched. In African culture, dogs are recognized as very respectable creatures. The Berbers tribe of Africa is even recognized as the “Guardian of Night.”

The most famous dog breed from Africa is the African wild dog. These dogs are known for their highly precise hunting skills, with a success rate of 80%. Let’s have a quick rundown on some popular African dog names.

  • Agu: (Male name from West Africa meaning “Leopard”)
  • Akanji: (Name of Yoruba origin that means “One whose touch gives life”)
  • Alora: (Bantu name meaning “My dream”)
  • Anathi: (Xhosa origin name meaning “With us”)
  • Atum: (Egyptian name meaning “Completion”)
  • Ayo: (Name of Swahili origin meaning “Joy”)
  • Ayzize: (Name from Southern Africa meaning “Let it come”)
  • Dalitso: (Malawian origin name meaning “Blessing”)
  • Itai: (Name from Southern Africa meaning “To do”)

Americans: Bringing Artistry to Dog Names


Dogs are among the most common and beloved pets in American families. Interestingly it looks like the dog-naming culture of Americans is highly influenced by Hollywood TV shows, movies, and songs. These songs, made popular by Elvis Presley, the Baha Men, and the Beatles, are just a few examples of dogs in American culture.

Similarly, names inspired by famous movie characters or well-known personalities find their way into homes, which transforms these cute little dogs into mini celebrities. From Luna, named after the moonlight sequences of great films, to Dexter, named after the adorable TV vigilante, American pet owners add a bit of cinematic magic into the identities of their furry friends. Here, you can see some of the famous and vibrant dog names from American culture.

  • Apani: (“Butterfly” in Siksika)
  • Catecahassa: (“Black hoof” in Shawnee)
  • Cholena: (“Bird” in Lenape)
  • Kamea: (“The one” in Hawaiian)
  • Kanui: (“The big” in Hawaiian)
  • Keasik: (“Sky blue” in Cree)
  • Popoquan: (“Gun” in Shawnee (This makes an excellent choice for a hunting dog name!)
  • Tahatan: (“Hawk” in Sioux)
  • Tasunke: (“Horse” in Dakota)
  • Wirasuap: (“Bear spirit” in Shoshone)

Key Takeaways

In the broad landscape of dog nomenclature, we traveled from continent to continent and tried to cover the naming culture of every nation. The most important thing we can conclude from this journey is that dog names are more than just names or labels. In fact, naming your furry buddies is basically a great way to show your love and affection towards them.