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A little about me…

Animals have always been my first love – sorry to any potential future boyfriends! I have always loved animals since a young age. I was born and raised in Brownwood, TX. My family took in and raised many animals over the course of my childhood and so it was no surprise to them that I became a qualified veterinarian. And so, after a wonderful few years that I will never forget, I am a proud graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University.

Like many people, I have found my favorite animal tends to be a dog – but I love anything cute and cuddly. When I was growing up my parents would care for any stray animals that crossed their path. My mother was particularly fond of dogs and was a dog breeder, specializing in spaniel puppies. To this day, I must admit that they are still my favorite breed of dog! They can be a handful, but spaniels are simply the most lovable breed of dog I have ever come across – although I may be sort of biased, as I have very fond memories of them as a child! I remember when we had a pair of Springer Spaniels in our house for 2 weeks whilst their owners were away in the Caribbean. Our furniture was never quite the same again afterwards!

Anyway, I started this site to share some of the personal & professional expertise I have gained over the years for people who are perhaps new to parenting a dog or just want to get some advice. Feel free to browse the site for tips and information. I have tried to make the information as clear and concise as possible.

All the best,

Emma Charles

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)