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How to Become a Dog Walker

Becoming a dog walker is not a stroll in the park so to speak. lots of people are after this part-time line of work and and you need to find the best place to reach your clients without worrying about the competition. Lots of people want to become a dog walker as a part-time job. The money can be great and you can get paid a reasonable amount per hour and even become an expert in your field.. This works in your favour if you walk more than one dog at a time. Just make sure you don’t give yourself too much work and try to walk to many dogs at once. 

Making the decision to become a dog walker is a really great one. walking dogs has lots of advantages for people.  looking after dogs has many advantages and it is very rewarding work to look at someone’s pet and walk them. One of the best benefits is that you get exercise yourself from walking around so much. The more you walk the more you weren’t so this is a great motivator if you were looking for a way to get fit and make money at the same time. However, this job may not be for you if you are not able to commit to regular x and turn up on a regular basis.

You do not really need any equipment to get started. or you really need is a good pair of walking shoes or boots. try to avoid sandals that anything that will cause discomfort after a long period of walking or exercise. It is up the owners to provide the equipment to walk the dog such as a lead or dog harness. But you can also get creative and buy the dog a certain range of toys or things to occupy them. This is a great idea as it shows the owner of the dog that you are willing to to engage and look after the dog properly. it shows you have given thought towards their pet and are interested in its well-being.

Do I need to be qualified to become a dog walker?

No, you don’t need any qualifications to start walking dogs as a part-time job. you just need to be motivated and above all things you also need to be reliable. people need to be of the trust pets with you. They are a member of the family and in a lot of cases and and there will be a genuine reason why the person or pet owner cannot walk the dog themselves. They will still want their dog to be kept fit and looked after very well. You need to express this in your interview before you get recruited for the job.

Here is how to become a dog walker: 

Step 1. Register to become a dog walker

Becoming a dog walker is easy, simply register with a specific program and the clients will reach out to you. Alternatively, clients will post a job and you can bid for the job on each basis.

Step 2. Set up your own dog walking business

It is now time to start your own dog walking business. You can either:

a) set up as a sole trader

b) set up a business as a partnership

c) set up as a company (if you want to go big and build your brand!)

Step 3. Advertise your dog walking service

Once you have set up your dog walking business, you can advertise your dog walking service. We recommend that you target your local area first and then gradually extend your service to a wider area.

Why not advertise your dog walking business on your own website?

You can advertise your dog walking service on your own website and in other places such as:

a) local newspapers

b) local magazines

c) local shops

d) local dog training classes.

You can also advertise your dog walking service on the following websites:

a) local classified websites

b) Gumtree

c) local social networking websites

d) local business directories

e) Google maps

f) Facebook pages

g) local business directories

h) local online business directories

i) local business search engine directories.

Step 4. Keep your dog walking business records

It is important to keep good records of all the jobs you carry out as a dog walker. This is because you will need to show these records to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and/or Inland Revenue (HMRC) when you complete your tax return.

Step 5. Pay your tax

It is important to pay your tax as a self-employed dog walker because you could face a fine if you do not do so. Most people think this is a casual occupation that they can pick up or put down and they do not have t pay tax on the top of. All small businesses or side incomes are subject to tax.

Step 6. Get public liability insurance

It is very important that you get public liability insurance when you are a self-employed person. This is because, as a dog walker, you could face a claim for an injury that your dog causes to someone.

Step 7. Invest in equipment

When you are a self-employed dog walker, it is a good idea to invest in the following equipment:

a) a card reader

b) a mobile printer

c) a mobile phone.

Step 8. Set up a  website

If you already have your own website, you can advertise your service on it. To find out more about setting up a website, click here.

Step 9. Join an association

If you are a dog walker, you can join an association such as the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). As a member of an association, you will be able to meet other walkers and gain support from them.

Step 10. Join a dog walking forum

You can join a forum such as Supadog. As a member of a forum, you will be able to meet other dog walkers and gain support from them.

Step 11. Join a dog walking association

If you are a dog walker, you can join a dog walker association such as the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). As a member of an association, you will be able to meet other dog walkers and gain support from them.