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Dog walking bag – what it is and why every dog walker needs one

If you have been walking a dog for any amount the time and you will know that this is an important part of a dog’s life and routine. Dogs thrive on having a regular schedule of walking and exercise to keep them fit and healthy.  Also is important for their mental stimulation that they get regular exercise every day. As a dog walker, what do you need to do? You need to be prepared and make sure that you have enough supplies and equipment to walk your dog successfully. One of the best pieces of equipment is a dog walking bag. This is a backpack or messenger bag that will contain all the things you need to walk your dog.  So it also includes any items to help you be prepared for unexpected events. Remember if you fail to be prepared, you prepare to fail.

When most people think of dog walking they think you just need a leash and a collar and maybe some doggy bags. But this is far from true. There are plenty of things you will need to carry with you in your bag when you’re walking your dog.  Every good dog walking bag should contain the following items:

A bowl for fresh drinking water

A bowl for your dog. You can be collapsible concertina type constructions for space-saving and convenience. You should also carry a bottle of water so we can fill up this bowl whenever your dog looks thirsty. A thirsty dog will appreciate it a bowl of water when they’re out on a walk. If you do not provide this for your dog they may end up drinking water from sources that are questionable.

In particular saltwater can be bad for your dog as can water from lakes and rivers. As a vet, I’ve also seen dogs drinking from puddles. This is not ideal as these panels contain all sorts of parasites and bacteria which can be harmful for your dog. Best way to prevent your dog from engaging in this sort of behaviour is the carrier bag which has a source of water and a bowl of drink it from.

Dog treats

Please come in handy if you are looking to breed your dog into behaving itself in a time of emergency when it’s very important to do so. You may need to coax your dog into an area and to get his attention a dog treat or biscuit can be very handy.  It can also be handy for when you are training your dog or puppy and you need them to do something and have an instant reward to instil the behaviour long-term in their training.

Waste bags

Obviously, this is an important one if you want to be a responsible dog owner and you want to avoid fines. A doggy waste bag is essential if you want to be a good dog owner. Make sure you carry these in your dog bag with you at all times. Even if your dog has already believed himself and you are found without any you can still be fined if someone from your local authority catches you. So it is important for this reason to carry enough bags even if they are surplus to requirements. They don’t take up much space and if you carry a dog bag like this then there should be a problem to carry.

Wet wipes

Obviously, if you are handling dog ways then you need wet wipes to clean your hands with afterwards. This isn’t just in the case of a spillage or mishap. This is for general good hygiene and peace of mind of people who may walk with you.

Torch and reflectors

This is ideal if you’re walking your dog in the winter or during darker hours when visibility may be low. This helps other people to see you and your dog when otherwise it might be dangerous to not do so. This isn’t just near roads and sidewalks it is also helpful for other dog walkers as they may need to change their course to avoid you. This can be helpful if I don’t can be troublesome or awkward around other dogs. The very last thing you want to do is be caught in the dark with a dog that cannot behave itself around other canines.

Treats for you

You may be able to get away with sharing a bottle of water with your dog but also make sure that you have snacks for your consumption also. This is just in case you run out of energy and a walk or your dog wants to go exploring further and you’ll find that the walk takes a lot longer than you thought. In this case it’s always good to have a snack bar a chocolate bar or some biscuits for these situations. You might decide on the spur of the moment that your dog walk will last a bit longer than you anticipated and you may be late for your next meal. After all, your dog can wait but can you?

Every good dog owner carries a dog walking bag for the essentials that they may need while they’re out and about. This is even more important when going on long walks or stray far from the home where supplies may be limited. Is even more important when you are away from urban areas where you may not have access to suppliers in an emergency situation. In this case, it is always important to carry your own things in case you should need them. It is always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared and make sure you pack your bag for your dog walk with this in mind.

It is always very easy to spot the season dog walkers from the newbies as the established walkers will always carry a bag with them if you look closely. That will be all sorts of goodies for your dog and even the owner in this case.