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How Long To Walk A Dachshund Puppy – What Every Owner Should Know

A Dachshund puppy is a small breed of dog and when they are young, they are even tinier. This is why it is important to know just how far to walk a Dachshund beforehand. Walking your puppy for too long or over-exercising them can cause damage to their developing joints and muscles so knowing their limits is a key part of being a responsible dog owner.

As a vet, I see a lot of Doxie puppies every day. They are very small animals and therefore, require only a small amount of exercise at an early age. In the first few months of your puppies life, you only need to take them for a short walk of up to 5 minutes per day. This is provided that they have had all the shots as recommended by your local vet. Never let your Dachshund puppy see other dogs until they have had all of their relevant inoculations.

How Many Hours a Day Does a Puppy Sleep?

A puppy of this breed will likely sleep for up to 20hours each day. This is normal! It is recommended that you don’t over-exercise your puppy as they are still very much growing and developing at a rapid pace. You will find that your puppy sleeps a lot. This is very vital that they get this rest. If your dog doesn’t walk to walk every day then that is fine.

A puppy that is under 4 months old will only need to be taken for a walk to get them used to being outside. This will help to stop them from being frightened later on when they see other dogs, people and traffic.

How Far Can You Walk A Dachshund Puppy?

Your Dachshund puppy doesn’t require much exercise when they are less than 4 months of age. Simple playtime in an outdoor space should be sufficient to get their muscles and coordination strong and developing nicely. Dachshund puppies are smaller versions of their adult counterparts and as such don’t need too much exercise at first to keep them fit. You should look into taking your dog for regular walks when they are around 5 months old.

Although this should not keep you from letting your dog explore the outside world in the fresh air and open space. This will get your puppy used to all the sights, smells and noises which will help prepare them for when they are walking by your side when they are older. This is a valuable part of providing a rich environment for them to explore and allows them access to mental stimuli.

Why is My Dachshund Puppy Walking Weird?

There may be several reasons why your Dachshund may be walking strangely. One reason for this may be that he is suffering from vestibular ataxia. This is a problem with the inner ear and may cause your dog to appear as though they are walking in a “wobbly” fashion. This problem can cause problems with balance and a lack of coordination and should be looked into by your veterinarian straight away. This problem is not breed-specific and can be developed by any type of dog.

How Often Should You Walk A Miniature Dachshund Puppy?

A miniature Dachshund should be exercised for up to one hour a day. This is true of dogs that are 12 months or older. This should ideally be split into 2 sessions of up to 30 minutes each. However, your dog has its own energy levels and personality and diet can be a factor in how far a Dachshund can walk each day. A miniature Dachshund puppy is very similar to their larger counterparts in terms of energy and exercise requirements.

If your dog seems tired with your daily walk, then you could always let him or her out in your garden for a sniff around and a playtime with toys. This will provide your dog with natural enrichment whilst at the same time allowing them to recover and rest from what is to them a long walk. If you feel the need to exercise yourself for longer than this and you haven’t made the decision yet, then you should consider a different breed of dog.

How Far Can A Miniature Dachshund Puppy Walk?

At around 5 months old you would expect a minature Dachshund or a standard size to be able to walk for around 20-30 minutes a day depending on personal size and energy levels. Once your dog reaches 6 months of age, then you might expect to be taking your Doxie for a walk of around half an hour regularly. Although, each dog is different, so pay attention to their personal exercise requirements.

Once your dog reaches his or her first birthday, then you can expect that they will be able to walk up to one hour every day. You might find, however, that your dog will need to do this in sessions of up to half an hour each time. You don’t want to overtire your dog as this can lead to other problems such as exhaustion.

Can Dachshunds Go Up And Down Stairs?

No, aDachshund cannot walk up and downstairs due to their unconventional size and shape. This can cause damage to their muscles and puts a great deal of strain on thestructure of their back. If your Dachshund needs or wants to go upstairs, then you should always carry them. It goes without saying that everything your dog needs should be kept on ground level. This includes their bed, drinking water, food and toys.

You should never force your dog to walk up and downstairs, even if they seem small to you. In relation to their size, a step can be equal to, or greater than, their height. Imagine if you had to climb a set of steps that was your size. This would be akin to asking you to climb up the Great Pyramid of Giza. Not an easy feat, especially when faced with the prospect of going down again. Most Dachshunds, especially the miniature variety will struggle with even the smallest staircase.

Can You Let Your Dachshund off the Leash?

Yes, as long as it is safe to do so. A Dachshund has absolutely no sense of danger when it comes to roads. They are not at all streetwise. This is improtant to remember when walking on a pavement or pavement with your Doxie. If you start training them when they are young, then they may come back upon your call, as long as this is what you have trained them to do.

Teaching your Dachshund puppy when they are young is vital if you ever want to be able to let them off the leash. I have Doxie owners that come into my clinic with their dogs and tell me that they have to keep their dog or puppy leashed at all times. This is sad, as Dachshunds are adventurous little explorers and would love some freedom to roam given the chance!

This is completely possible if you allow your dog some freedom under struct supervision early on. You will then need to instill training in your dog if you want them to respond to your commands.

Can Dachshunds Walk Near Roads?

Yes, as long as they are on a leash as explained above. Your dog will want to explore and you must always use a short, non-flexible leash or harness when walking near a road, especially a busy one. This is the safest option as an extendable lead can often end in a dangerous situation if you are not paying attention. This breed of pooch has no sense of danger when it comes to traffic, so please bear this in mind when out walking.

In Conclusion

It is always important to let your Dachshund puppy get used to the outside world gradually. Build up their experience slowly and always make sure they have had their shots before you let them out where they may come into contact with other dogs and animals. Remember that a young dog of this breed doesn’t require much exercise at first. Once they are 6 months old you should expect to be taking them on regular small walks that do not over-exercise them.