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How To Exercise Your Dog Indoors – 5 Ways to Wear Them Out In The House

If you have a dog and find yourself unable to leave the house for whatever reason, you may wish to learn how you can give your pooch a decent workout without having to step outside your four walls. This gets a little trickier if you have an apartment without any stairs, but there are still plenty of ways your can tire out your dog whilst making sure he gets his daily activity topped up. Learning how to exercise your dog indoors can be a great idea for rainy days when a walk is impractical.

dog indoors on a bed
If you are cooped up with your pet pooch, don’t let his fitness levels drop

5 activity ideas For Indoor Dog Workouts:

Indoor Agility

Indoor agility activity courses are a great way to keep your animal active and fit. If you want to learn how to exercise a dog indoors then this one is great. It can provide mental stimulation too. Agility exercises are a great way to bond with your pet. Here is one great exercise you can do at home with your pup.

You will need to set up a tunnel in your living room for this activity. You can acquire these cheaply at your local pet or toy store.

To start this activity you will need to get your dog to wait on one side of the tunnel. If he or she can’t wait, then get someone to help you with this. The person will need to gently restrain him, with palms lightly on his shoulders. What you need to do as the owner, is you need to be on the other side of the tunnel and pick up the blanket and make sure you get your best friend’s attention.

Call him and give him a treat or lots of praise when he comes to you. You need to do this a few times and your pup would eventually get the hang of it. You will be bringing the blanket lower each time to make sure that your pooch gets used to the idea of you doing this. When he is pushing himself through the exit, go easy. Start off easy in the beginning – the tunnel should be short so they don’t have to work too hard or be unable to see you for too long.

Find the Treat

How to get your dog to find a hidden treat in the house. Sit your animal in the middle of the room. Place a treat under one of your chairs (or under a table). Say “Find it!” and point to the chair or table. Say “Yes!” and give him/her the treat. Do this about three times. Repeat the process with a different kind of chair or table, or even another type of object. Do this until they can find the treat without your help.

Flirt Pole

One of the best ways to exercise your pup is with a toy like a flirt pole. This is a long pole with a lure attached to it, which you can use to exercise your pup. I love using a flirt pole because not only is it a really fun game for your pet pooch, but it’s also a great way to keep your dog fit and healthy. It is great for indoor workouts and fitness!

And, the best thing about a flirt pole is that you can use it anywhere and everywhere. You can use it in your backyard, in your house, and even inside the house. All you need is a long stick, a rope (any kind of rope will do as long as it’s long enough to attach to your pole), a toy, and a small weight.

To play the game, you simply help chase the toy that you’re holding. The weight will make the toy go down the pole, and they will chase it (keep in mind that you will need to make sure that your pup doesn’t get hurt when she runs).

The weight will make the toy go down the pole, and they will chase it. It’s an awesome way to get your pooch to exercise, and it’s also a great way to bond with your dog. If you want to be able to play this game whenever you want, you can buy a flirt pole toy like this one.

Dog Hide and Seek indoors

exercise can be done indoors too
exercise can be done indoors too!

How to play hide and seek with your canine. Before we get started with how to play hide and seek with your dog it is important to note that this game can be dangerous if you leave him alone for longer than 15-20 minutes. Pups can suffer from stress, anxiety, and even heat stroke if left alone for too long.

Also, make sure to always play hide and seek in a safe environment where your pup cannot get in harm’s way or get hurt. For example, you should not play this game if you have a puppy and are going to leave him in a room with a tub you need to clean where he can get hurt or fall into the water.

Finally, the best way to find your dog is by using a whistle or an object that is special to him. You need to make sure that your hound is trained to respond to the whistle or object when you blow or throw it.

How to play hide and seek:

Step One

Before you start playing hide and seek it is important to make sure that you have the objects you will be using for the game. You want to make sure that you have enough objects for them to hide.

Step Two

Before you begin playing hide and seek make sure that you have your pet’s favorite toy or treat that they can play or eat when they find you.

Step Three

Now that you have all of your supplies it is time to play hide and seek. The first step is to hide yourself or the item your hound will be looking for. Make sure that you are not too close. If you are hiding yourself make sure that you are not touching the object your dog is looking for. You want to make sure that your pet has to look for you as well.

Stairs Workout

The key to exercising your dog with stairs indoors is to use them in a way that’s safe and beneficial for your four-legged friend.

It’s important to exercise your dog with stairs indoors because it provides a good alternative to the outdoors in adverse weather conditions or if you are unable to get out of the house yourself. It also improves muscle tone and agility.

In a study conducted by the American Council, “Overweight and obese dogs have less muscle mass overall.” This is simply because they don’t get enough exercise.

Exercising with stairs indoors helps them gain muscle tone and improves their agility. Here are some tips to make sure this is safe. Never get a puppy of 3 months or under to do this activity. If possible, use stairs that are high enough to do a full-body stretch.

  • Avoid stairs that are too steep.
  • Secure the staircase with a baby gate.
  • Start with one step and increase the number of steps gradually.
  • This is one of the best ways to exercise your dog indoors

To make it easier for your hound to climb up the stairs, you can use a dog ramp. Choose a staircase with a low incline. Reinforce the first step with a wooden block. If your dog is an older dog, start with a ramp or the lowest step.

Always pay attention to how your puppy is coping with exercise. If he seems tired, then stop immediately and let him rest. Smaller dogs will need to perform fewer repetitions before their muscles get tired.

Easy ways to exercise a dog at home

Exercise Idea Advantages Disadvantages
Playing fetch
  • Can be done in a small space
  • Great for burning off energy
  • Can help improve agility and coordination indoors
  • Risk of damage to furniture or other household items
  • May not provide enough exercise for those high-energy dogs
  • Can be difficult to play if the dog doesn’t bring the toy back all the time
Treadmill training
  • Allows for controlled and consistent exercise
  • Can be a good option for dogs with limited mobility or health issues
  • Can be a good option for exercise in extreme weather conditions such as snow or hail
  • May not be as mentally stimulating as outdoor exercise
  • May require some training or acclimation for the dog to get used to the treadmill
  • May not provide as much great opportunity for socialization or exploration as outdoor exercise normally would

Final Words

If you are stuck inside because of frightful winter weather or injury, then these exercises are ideal for an indoor workout. These workouts are not a replacement for a regular activity or daily walking. You may also wish to consider a dog treadmill if you have the space for it. These activities are all great examples of cardio workouts for dogs. They can have a great impact on muscle tone and general fitness.